Motion Graphics

Digital Holiday Card. 2008.

Illustrator, After Effects.

Animating a few seconds from the film “Reefer Madness”.

Photoshop, After Effects.

Photoshop, After Effects.


“The Booze Channel” 


Photoshop, After Effects.

“Breaking News”


Photoshop, After Effects.

“Flip Book”

Started in 1993 and eventually finished in 2000.

Colored pencil, ink, 16 mm film, Photoshop, After Effects.

“The Lift”

The early years – I gave myself projects to learn various graphics programs. 2005.

Raydream Studio, Photoshop, After Effects.

“Happy Birthday”

Video card for an over-seas friend


Photoshop, After Effects.


A project I gave myself as I learned Cinema 4D. I modeled this shuttle from scratch, using only reference photos.


Cinema 4D, After Effects.

Test for a longer animation I planned to make many years ago, but never made it to fruition.

Raydream Studio. 1997.

“Time Space Narrative”

Photoshop, After Effects.


“Action News 22”

Photoshop, After Effects, Premier.


The opening for a three minute animation (I need to finish editing before posting the entire piece.)


Blender, Adobe Premier.


I wanted to redo this and make it more smooth, but I had to move on to other projects, so this will do for now.

“Happy Birthday, Punk”

Adobe Photoshop. Adobe After Effects.


I was commissioned to make this card, and then after I animated it for my own sake.

“A Strange Day For Frankie”

Super 8mm Claymation. Mixed media sets. Edited in post with After Effects & Premier Pro. Music from


18 frames a second – for three minutes total.

“The Dangerous City”

Photoshop, After Effects & Premier Pro. Music from